Sex Ed Curriculum

In August 2021, the Saline Sex Education Advisory board held two public meetings for the purpose of informing and collecting community feedback about the program Positive Prevention Plus for the Life Skills (special ed) class. The material presented was obscene and the lack of transparency and difficulties the schools has put the parents through is unacceptable. PDF FLYER DOWNLOAD

Material is Inappropriate

  1. Saline is currently pushing a new sex education program for students with special needs (Life Skills class) starting in 7th grade that was written for schools based on a new California law. It features explicit illustrations of anal sex, oral sex, a how-to guide for male masturbation (even in presentations for girls), graphic visual depictions of ejaculation, and even a suggestion that pregnant teens abort their unborn children. 
  2. Looking at the The Stick Figure Porn is so uncomfortable that parents, staff, and even able bodied kids had difficulty looking and discussing them.   How are special need kids  going to react to them or act out by seeing them.  These images are shown 10 times within the program.
  3. Teaches new gender identity and sexuality terms without informing parents that this is the point of the lesson.

Saline School is violating law regarding transparency mandates

  • Dr. Laatsch refused to advertise or email parents about the first public hearing. 
  • Parents asked for ALL materials (slides and videos)  to be available to review after it was discovered that only the lesson plan was available to view inside the district office, and NO pictures were allowed.  It took 3 weeks for them to comply.  And then videos could only be seen using a school computer in the school office.
  • Parents asked and were told NO to a questions and answer format.  Public comment only with no response for both meetings.
  • Dr. Laatsch refuses to share who is on the SEAB board, and when meetings are held
  • Parents had to buy the curriculum in order to review the material in a timely manner, only to find out that there is a 7 day free account available to parents to preview the curriculum.   The school did not have to limit the viewing to school property.
  • Even though a majority of comments were against the curriculum, the SEAB still plans on recommending it to the School Board for a vote.

The Sex Education Advisory Board is breaking the Law

  • From what little information that has been gathered, the SEAB does not meet state law due to missing required type of people on the board.
  • State law requires the SEAB to make goals and objectives to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy and to report every two years on these goals.   Current goals are: 
    • Students at Saline Area Schools will all be able to see themselves in and relate to the lessons being taught within the curriculum, grades 4-12.
  • Proposed PPP Curriculum teaches Abortion – SEAB board says they will omit it, but the slides are not editable.  
  • There are 5 things that must be taught that are not in the curriculum, including Michigan sex offender law including no sex with someone under 16, responsibility as a parent to a child, benefits of abstaining or CEASING from sex  before marriage, adoption services and the newborn safety law
  • State law requires ALL changes to curriculum go through the SEAB and 2 public hearings.  By not owning the slides and videos, the company PPP can change them at any time with out parent or school notification.  There is no way to guarantee what is approved will still be taught in 5 years without changes.
what Are private behaviors

What Can Parents Do?

Continue to email to inform them we do NOT want this in our schools. The vote will most likely happen in October.

Share our flyer with your friends, church members, or any other community members.
PDF with Images. PDF with blurred Images. Contact us if you would like pre-printed flyers or help fund mailings.

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