Scheduling Time at SHS

Once again it is time for your kids to choose their classes for 20/21. Be advised that policy has changed and all changes for the whole year must be done the first week of school.

This year we have had many complaints about specific teachers in the High School. Some ranting about Trump and conservatives, and others are tweeting about how Saline is built on White Surpremecy.

One English teacher in particular has been very vocal in the classroom and on social media on where he stands. He is calling for more activism in the schools and teaching very progressive ideology through his Choice of books his classes reads. Not only is he teaching our 10th graders, but he recently taught a Leadership class, where at the end the students created and painted ceiling tiles with political and progressive ideology to be spread through out the school.

At this point one of the few things parents can do is to put in a request “Before Scheduling” that their student can not be put in his class. Inform Mr Raft how we want neutral classrooms, and awareness but not activism in our schools.

Below are some examples of the tweets, and books he reads in his class. For his about page see his About Page